Feed Homeless Dogs & People in Downtown Las Vegas

Feed Homeless Dogs & People in Downtown Las Vegas

For the past several months, several Animal Network volunteers along with volunteers from Louisa’s New Leash On Life Rescue have been feeding homeless dogs and people in downtown Las Vegas every Sunday morning, meeting up in the parking lot of the Chevron located @ the corner of Martin Luther King & Bonanza.  The amount has risen to about 300-400 people that we distribute food to on Sunday.

Person giving cup to homeless woman
We are looking for food donations and volunteer assistance.  Food donations can be dropped off during the week and stored in a freezer and thawed out the day prior. We accept any food donation but are always in need of loaves of bread, peanut butter & jelly, luncheon meats, cheeses, ready made meals like Chef Boyardee cans/snack packs, hard boiled eggs, mayonnaise, mustard, breakfast bars, snacks items, etc. You can literally buy enough food to feed 40 people with $20 @ the $0.99 Store.

If you wish to make a hot meal, please let us know a week or so in advance so we can coordinate a day/time for drop off. You will need to provide plates, bowls and utensils.

Dog food donations are always accepted as well.  We DO NOT ACCEPT BENEFUL

As far as non food items, we gladly accept new and used but in good condition clothing items, blankets, sleeping bags, tents, coolers, etc. We are also in need of Sterno Folding Stoves & Fuel  (folding stoves can be bought @ Amazon.com by clicking here and cooking fuel is available by clicking here) so we can start serving hot meals every week.


Feeding the homeless will add to the litter issue:  Some people have stated that this will cause litter in the street:  While I am sure we don’t pick up everything afterwards, we do go back around after we have distributed all the food and collect trash we see.

Feeding the homeless will cause fights: People fighting over food/items, that happens with non-homeless people too at fancy restaurants and at stores (Christmas at Walmarts).

There are social programs that are set up to help these people already:   Social programs to help  the homeless are great, if the homeless can get to them.  If the homeless live under an overpass that is 3 miles away from the social program or soup kitchen and all their belongings are at the overpass, they won’t lose what little they have to make the trip.

If you are interested in donating/voluteering, please contact Michael Perez @ 702.788.3860 or 702.406.9550 or fill out the form below.




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